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Hair transplant in Pakistan Procedures

FUE-follicular unit extraction is a method of "harvesting" or removing donor hair for transplantation. It was initially conceived by Australian surgeon. The use of direct extraction to harvest units was first published in medical literature by two American surgeons in their 2002 publication "Follicular Unit Extraction: Minimally Invasive Surgery for Hair loss treatment."Follicular Unit Extraction is one of two primary methods in hair restoration surgery. The other being Follicular Unit Transplantation which known for strip harvesting. Patients who prefer FUE do so because FUE surgery does not leave any linear scar and is an advantageous choice for professional athletes and others who perform strenuous activities. FUE also allows the removal of hairs from other parts of the body such as the beard or trunk. Although FUE and FUT are surgical procedures, the difference between the two methods is the type of incision made. In FUT, the surgeon makes one single, long incision in the middle of the donor area. With FUE, multiple round incisions are randomly made through the donor area. Graft Calculator

Local anesthesia is given to make the scalp numb and the remainder of the surgery is essentially painless. The donor tissue is removed from a broad area, including the back and sides of the scalp. The donor area is chosen for its long-term stability. Hair to be removed is clipped short, approximately 1-mm. An instrument is used to make a small, circular incision in the skin around a follicular unit, thereby, separating it from the nearest tissue. The follicular unit is then pulled directly from the scalp and leaves a small open hole. This process of extraction is repeated until the surgeon has enough follicular units harvested for transplantation. This process can take one or more hours. Sessions may even last two consecutive days. Wounds completely heal within seven to ten days. Tiny white scars are present in the back and side of the scalp. The donor area is then covered with antibiotic ointment and a dressing which will be removed the next day.

A fine needle-point instrument is then used in the balding area of the scalp to make the "recipient site". The instrument size is 21 and 19 gauge hypodermic needles. The "hair transplant surgeon needs considerable surgical skill as well as a keen aesthetic sense to create the "recipient site". The creation of the recipient site depends upon the desired look of the transplant and the distribution and density of the grafts. Harvested grafts are then placed into the recipient site where they will grow into healthy follicles. Graft placement is a time-consuming procedure in the surgery. The patient is told to keep their head relatively still. The surgical team will place the follicular unit grafts into the "recipient sites". One follicular units are used in the front hair line and the 2- and 3- grafts are used in central forelock area to attain maximum fullness. The position of all grafts will be rechecked. The donor area will be bandaged and the patient can go home. All dressings will be removed the following morning.

Hair transplant Pakistan

Advantatages of FUE Procedure and Cost


Mega session of 2000-4500 fue grafts transplantation is possible in single session (consists of two days) and Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is performing such kind of hair restoration surgeries in Pakistan Lahore for the last 16 years.

The treatment cost in Pakistan is according to number of follicles and we charge 125 Pak rupee (1.00 euro)/graft.However FUT"hair transplant cost in Pakistan is 50% lower than fue procedure.

Advantages of Fue in Pakistan.

No incision and stitches and quick recovery
The procedure is minimally invasive in nature.
Follicles can be extracted from body as well
Follicle unit extraction is useful for 4000-5000 number of grafts
FUE is good for tight scalp or previous surgery scar on donor area

Disadvantages of Follicle unit extraction.

Procedure takes 2 days for 4000-5000 grafts
This procedure is more costly
Surgeon has to spend more time
It takes longer duration for completion.
Follicle transaction rate is little higher as compared to strip surgery.

FUE (Stitches free) verses FUT(Strip) Procedure comparison

Follicular unit transplant (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) are both techniques that help in hair restoration. In these methods, follicles are transferred from one area of the scalp to another. Follicles are those units that contain one to four hairs and that are responsible for hair growth. These both techniques have their own side-effects, advantages and disadvantages. It is better to have FUE and FUT comparison before going for any of these treatments. This also helps in identifying which of them is suitable and required by a patient. In FUT method; a thin horizontal strip is used. This strip is three to fourth inch in length depending upon recipient area. Follicles are extracted from the scalp`s donor area with the help of strip. After doing strip extraction, wound is required to be healed. This wound is staples, sutured or stitched with help of stainless steel staples that are especially designed for cosmetic surgeries. In FUE method, Follicles are extracted directly from the scalp of the patient. No strip is used in this technique. A punch is used to create tiny round incisions around each follicle in the donor area. It is used to separate follicles from its surroundings. Follicles are later pulled out by the surgeon.

After extraction, follicles are dissected under a binocular microscope in both FUT and FUE method. Follicles are dissected to get separated from each other and from neighboring tissues in FUT. Grafts obtained through FUT methods are known as "Micro Grafts" in medical terminology. FUE, follicles are dissected to clean them from surrounding fatty tissues and the grafts obtained are called "Follicular Unit Grafts." The last step of inserting grafts in the recipient area is the same in both methods. Recipient sites are created with the help of a tiny hollow needle in bald portion of the scalp in FUE and FUT. Grafts are inserted from where they grow into healthy hairs.

The main difference between FUT and FUE are that in FUE there is no linear incision like in FUT. No staples, stitches or structures are requires in FUE. There is less pain and bleeding involve in FUE method. No linear mark will be present on the scalp after the surgery if a patient undergo through FUE. Scar resulted from strip surgery of FUT is concealed by hair growth in that area. There is less bleeding involved in FUE technique as compared to FUT. Less pain, bleeding and discomfort during FUE technique make it most popular and preferred hair loss treatment technique in Pakistan these days. Due a visible linear scar, patients who get treated with FUT surgery cannot have short hair after their treatment. FUE is ideal for those people that want to have short hair or shave head sometimes later in their life. FUE treatment is more costly as compared to FUT transplant.However cheap fue hair transplantation in Pakistan is possible when we compare cost with other countries. FUE costs in Pakistan almost 60-70% less as compared to same procedure in UK, France, Canada, Australia and USA.

It is better to make FUE and FUT comparison when you are going for a transplant treatment. You can analyze the benefits and side-effects of these two methods with help of this evaluation. In this way, you can select the best for your transplant surgery.

You can have Free consultation and evaluation at our clinic in Pakistan. If you are living abroad, you may send us your close up by email from different angles. We need pictures from donor as well as recipient area to give you proper estimate.You can get self evaluation by our graft calculator yourself

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