Advantatages of FUE hair transplant Procedure and Cost


Mega session of 2000-4500 fue grafts transplantation is possible in single session (consists of two days) and Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is performing such kind of hair restoration in Pakistan Lahore for the last 16 years.

The treatment cost in Pakistan is according to number of follicles and we charge 125 Pak rupee (1.00 euro)/graft.However FUT"hair transplant cost in Pakistan is 50% lower than fue procedure.

Fue hair transplant results after one year

Advantages of Fue in Pakistan

No incision and stitches and quick recovery
The procedure is minimally invasive in nature.
Follicles can be extracted from body as well
Follicle unit extraction is useful for 4000-5000 number of grafts
FUE is good for tight scalp or previous surgery scar on donor area

Disadvantages of Follicle unit extraction.

Procedure takes 2 days for 4000-5000 grafts
This procedure is more costly
Surgeon has to spend more time
It takes longer duration for completion.
Follicle transaction rate is little higher as compared to strip surgery.

Fue hair transplant results in Pakistan 

Fue hair transplant results after 1 year- 2546 grafts by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry ( below)

Best hair transplant results clinic Pakistan

How to choose FUT or FUE hair transplant method?

Fue hair restoration technique is considered the best and most recent method.  However FUT or strip method is still used by many doctors and surgeons.  Some surgeons are good with old FUT method and they prefer this method while many surgeons prefer latest FUE due to mild discomfort and no more linear scar and numbness. However FUE procedure needs skill and experience and mostly surgeon will convince you for old strip method to hide their inability to perform Fue technique; they increase cost of FUE so that patients may choose old method. 

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