Best FUE Doctor in Pakistan – Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry

Dr. Ahmed Chaudhry is a qualified and experienced surgeon offering all types of hair transplant surgeries in Pakistan. With his efforts and skills, Dr. Ahmed Chaudhry has successfully made his space among the top and best hair transplant surgeons in Pakistan as well as abroad. This is not wrong to say that he is the pioneer of Fue hair restoration surgery in Pakistan. 

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FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a popular and best solution for hair restoration. This technique uses a person’s own hairs to be planted and re-grown in the bald area. Among the other available hair transplant techniques, FUE is a preferable due to its rapid recovery time, optimal hair growth and excellent results. But the results are dependent on the surgeon’s expertise and skills , so selecting a surgeon is also an important task.

Dr. Ahmed Chaudhry is the best surgeon for Follicular Unit Extraction. With his experience of more than 16 years his services are available for every person who wants to get the permanent and effective solution for hair loss. Lahore is the provincial capital and an advance city where people come from all over Pakistan to get the best treatments. FUE hair transplant specialist Dr. Ahmed Chaudhry has satisfied thousands of people who were worried for their baldness. He can not only re-grow the hairs but also have dealt with the people who had complications and skin issues which makes him a successful surgeon.

Dr. Ahmed Chaudhry completed his MBBS degree from the King Edward medical University Lahore and went to France for specialization. He specialized in Laser Surgery and Hair Restoration. He is a French board certified surgeon. After practicing for few years in France he returned back to Pakistan and opened his clinic to serve the people. You can get free consultation with Dr. Ahmed Chaudhry. He is a humble, understanding and experienced surgeon who will guide you with the best option you can have for your baldness. You will get honest and unbiased opinion and best hair loss solutions and remedies from him.

Before having a hair transplant surgery every person searches for the best hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan. Though every surgeon will claim to be the best but selecting one who is worth claiming is a difficult task. Well the easy way to find a best surgeon is the remarks of the people who previously got treatment from Dr. Ahmed Chaudhry. They will share their remarks about him and the best experience of hair transplant that they had.

There are many hair restoration procedures available but FUE is practiced world-wide at a large scale due to its excellent results. The best surgeon for FUE is Dr. Chaudhry who has over 16 years of experience in the same department. He provides state of the art and modern services which are given at much expensive rates in the western countries. If you are looking for best Fue doctor in Pakistan -Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is a best surgeon as he customize the procedure according to the requirements, condition and budget of every bald patient without compromising quality. 

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