Getting hair transplant in young age

Hair can be called as God’s gift to mankind, it increases the beauty of a person and a full head of hair makes an individual look far younger than his age. But in the age we live in, it is common to see heads that have thinning hair or patches of hair. These heads belong to men and women of varying ages. Long gone is the concept that hair loss is linked with old age, now men and women as young as 21 are seeing hair loss at a rapid speed. This is due to the highly polluted environment we live in, the constant stress and anxiety we go through, our daily diet, hectic routines along with the chemical laden products that we so fondly use.

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There are various treatments that are available to battle baldness, one of them hair loss treatment is the most prominent and most referred to. Men and women of all ages prefer undergoing hair transplant to get a full head of hair again and regain the confidence that they were losing. But the question is, how young is too young to have a hair transplant? Many experts say that for individuals who lose hair in their late teens or in their early twenties should refrain from getting a hair transplant. This is because hair restoration only relocates hair and doesn’t stop hair loss. Further on, there is a chance that an individual might still be losing hair and the whole look in the long run might look unnatural. There is a chance that an individual might still be losing hair for some years till hair loss completely stops. Experts say that having the procedure at that time (when hair loss stops) is best since the transplant look natural and show far better results. Another issue that surgeons face when performing hair transplant on young patients is that because their donor area is not stable and determining a donor area which is going to be permanent is difficult, the transplant may vanish in some time and scars from the surgery will be visible and prominent. Older patients come with more information about their scalp, their donor areas and the assurance that hair loss has stopped and this is what the surgeon has to work with. Expectations are also a bit low as compared to younger patients so satisfying the former is much easier than the latter.

At the moment, there is no cut off age for individuals seeking transplants. This is just an opinion of experts that individuals should wait and then get a transplant. Of course, the nature of the transplant varies from patient to patient, but hair experts would still want an individual to be at least 25 to 27 before undergoing transplant. For younger patients, they would seek alternate methods such as medical therapy to prolong surgery and to keep their hair short so their balding head doesn’t look as bad.

Every individual is different and so are his/her needs. It is best that an expert be consulted thoroughly before making the decision to undergo a hair transplant regardless of the age. 

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