Body Hair Transplant Clinic in Pakistan -Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry

Body hair transplant in Pakistan is performed by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry for the last many years successfully. In traditional hair transplants, follicle units are obtained from the scalp, but now these can be harvested from the body. Usually donor area is found on the scalp where there is a dense hair growth such as sides and back of head. Follicles units are removed from that area and later transplanted into bald part of scalp. But in some cases, severity of baldness is so advance that very less hairs can be found on scalp that cannot be used as donor follicles. For such cases, body to head hair transplantation is used these days to replace the donor area. In normal cases only five to seven thousand grafts can be obtained from a patient's scalp. Some of them desired more dense hairs and for that purpose their body hairs are used. Now patients are no longer dependent only on their scalp for donor area.

Body hair transplant success rate 

Unlike other methods, BHT is new in the field and only a few clinics have started practicing it. Many clinics and doctors claim that you can have the same result in the end as you can get from your scalp hair. Follicular unit transplant is never used to remove follicles from the body because in this method a strip of skin containing hair is removed. Body skin is very sensitive and removing a strip can be extremely painful. Follicular unit extraction method is used to harvest hair follicles from body by removing them one by one. The part of body serving as donor site is given a local anesthesia prior to surgery. Surgeon removes hair follicles by using a small round punch. The same tiny punches are used in FUE to extract hair from the scalp. Hair can be obtained from chest, legs, arms, abdomen,beard and pubic area of the body. It is important for surgeon to check characteristics of hair before selecting them for transplant. Thin and curly hair will give poor results in the end. You may not get required or desired growth. Underarms and other wet areas of body also act as poor donor sites. This method is a blessing for those suffering from androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness where less hairs remain on head. There is no staple and stitching in the end. You will find minimum scaring on your body. You can obtain limitless hair from your body parts. This method is not for those who have an abnormal history of blood clotting. This will not yield quality results on those who have curly hair. Body hairs grow slowly as compared to scalp hairs and cannot grow after attaining a certain length. So this method is a disappointment for those who desired long hair style after surgery. It is advised to consider your scalp hair for follicular extraction if they are available in a required quantity.

Body hair transplant in Pakistan -Dr Ahmad Chaudhry