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Brown spots, sun damage, aging skin treatments in Pakistan Lahore are available with latest lasers. There are many skin problems encountered by people, which are very distressing in a way that they make people conscious and they feel low-esteemed. One of the common problems faced by people is the brown spots or dark spots on the skin. These dark spots occur due to hyper pigmentation of melanin present under the skin. There can be many reasons of the brown spots appears on the skin. These dark spot can have various reasons. Sometimes due to any injury, the scar remains there, acne also leaves dark spots, birth marks can be dark or brown and sun damage can also be the reason of dark spots on the skin.

These dark spots on the skin can be treated. Sometimes people use home remedies or herbal methods to treat these brown spots on the skin. There are many medicines available in the market that help in treating the brown spots and lighten them. It is very important to discuss with your skin doctor the reasons of the brown spots and the possible treatments. Before using any cream or medicine you should be aware of the ingredients that are used and if they have any side effects. Many medicines are contained different steroids and they have number of side effects. The truthful advice of the doctor can be very helpful in treating the dark spots.

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With the modernization in the medical field, lasers are becoming very famous and common for treating different skin problems. Lasers are very effective way of treating dark or brown spots on the skin. The skin problems which cannot be treated with medicines are now possible to treat with the lasers. Lasers can be ablative or non-ablative, depending upon the severity of the scar that which one to be used. For less severe scars non-ablative lasers are very effective. The dark spot can be treated with a laser beam very successfully. There are multiple sessions required for the treatment. It depends on the depth of the brown spot. Laser treatment is totally non-invasive and not painful. There is little burning feeling is reported during the session. The discomfort or the little pain is bearable. Brown spots can re-emerge due to the sun exposure. So before exposing into sunlight it is very important to use the prescribed sun screen by the doctor to avoid any dark spots again.

The laser treatment has usually no side effects, but the only condition applied is the good brand of the laser which FDA has approved to carry out the procedures. There are few clinics that do not have FDA approved lasers and the lasers are of low quality, which can result into harmful side effects of the treatment. The qualified and experienced surgeon is required to conduct the laser treatments for better results. There is no down time after the laser treatment and one is free to carry out daily routine. Sometimes a little burning and redness or swelling is witnessed by the patient but that is temporary and over after a couple of hours or the next day of the treatment. Lasers are the best solution for treating the brown spots permanently.

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