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Advance Level Blandess -NW class 6 hair transplant 

Norwood class 6 is an advance level of baldness and it require more than 6000 grafts to cover whole area. However it is not possible to transplant in one session 6000 grafts or follicular units. To cover Norwood class 6 hair loss pattern, hair transplant procedure should be performed in two to three times. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry Normally performs this advance level of baldness at his Cosmoderma hair transplant clinic in Pakistan in two or three days by taking grafts from back and sides of scalp as well as body. This procedure is carried out by extracting individual graft by FUE method. Follicular unit extraction method does not involve scalpel or stitches , therefore Skilled surgeon like Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry can extract grafts from any part of the body like chest, abdomen, beard, back, legs and arms. NW class 6 requires at least 9000 to 10,000 hair to cover reasonably.  Every patient has different donor area so successful outcome depends upon availability of donor area. To get honest and unbiased opinion ,get an appointment for consultation from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry. if you cannot visit then we will suggest you to send your donor area pictures from different angles as well as hair loss area and get an expert advice from top hair restoration surgeon.

Mr. SHL traveled from Berlin Germany for Fue hair transplant in Pakistan from Dr.Ahmad Chudhry due to quality results, reviews and hair restoration testimonials. He has Norwood class 6 male pattern baldness and Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performed 4024 grafts ( 9336 hair) in Single session consisting of two days. Each day the procedure took 5-6 hours under local anesthesia. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry created natural frontal hairline and covered front, mid scalp as well as Crown area. His results will be visible after three months and maximum results will take 9-11 months. See his before, during and Post op photos

Procedure date : 04 Feb 2016

Procedure : FUE hair transplant

Surgeon: Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry extracted himself 4024 grafts ( 9336 hairs)

Single hair grafts      = 487

Double hair grafts = 1762

Triple hair grafts = 1775

Total grafts = 4024 , Total hair = 9336

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