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   Does hair grow back in donor area After FUE

 Follicular Unit Extraction is a popular hair restoration technique which is practiced worldwide for its promising results, less  healing time and easy surgery process. In FUE the surgeon extracts hair follicles from the donor area (back side of scalp) and  plants them in the bald area. After implantation the hair follicles tend to grow naturally in healthy and long hairs. What will  happen to donor area after Follicular unit extraction procedure? Will hair re-grow?

Donor Area Post Surgery Conditions

Immediately after the surgery the donor area becomes red, swelled and mild burning. In some cases it may bleed a little. This is due to the needle resembling instrument which is used to pluck the hair follicles from the scalp. Surgeon advices to keep the head elevated uncovered and relax after the surgery as it can reduce pain and discomfort. To cure the pain peracitamol can be taken only.

The swelling, redness and pain will eventually start to decrease after few hours of surgery. As swelling is settled, the donor area will start to heal. The scalp shall be kept uncovered but away from dust, direct sun light and extreme weather conditions to keep it clean, dry and healthy which is helpful in quick healing . Covered scalp can store moisture within and this can harm the treated area both donor and the recipient site. Donor area after Fue hair transplant recovers very quickly and within 24-48 hours redness change into brown spots which later on becomes black or crusts. These crusts usually fall between 8-15 days. However this phase is easily camouflaged with Hat or P Cap.

Hair Growth on the Donor Area

Hairs grow back on the donor area after FUE hair transplant. The hair restoration technique is popular all over the globe due to the advantage that hairs start to grow back in the donor site from where the hair follicles were extracted. This is like replacing the existing hairs on a new site and getting hair growth on the previous site as well, thanks to the mighty nature that surrounding skin shrinks or contracts and come closer with each other.

Soon after the healing of the scalp from the donor area the hair follicles will show an urge to grow back. It is greatly dependent on the surgeon as well that how well he does the surgery. Hair growth on the donor area is a trusted fact and patients should  not worry about it. They should focus on keeping the scalp clean, germ free and away from dust and sun light.

The hair growth time on donor area may vary person to person. A normal and healthy scalp will show the hair growth sooner than that of a person who has the skin issues or allergies. Fresh fruits, milk, proteins and Vitamins diet is very helpful to receive an early hair growth.

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