Eyebrow hair transplant in Pakistan

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Eyebrow hair transplant Lahore Pakistan


Eyebrow hair transplant in Lahore is offered and performed by an experienced hair restoration surgeon Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry. Eyebrow hair restoration surgery involves taking grafts or follicles some other part of body and placing these follicles into eyebrows.

Eyebrow transplant procedure –Clinic in Pakistan

There are many conditions where someone lost eyebrows. Accident or scars look visible so to hide any sort of scar; eyebrow hair restoration surgery is a best option. Some diseases may give hair loss from eyebrows, side effects of medication or burn can give hair loss in the eyebrow. We can achieve normal shape and hair growth in such conditions through eyebrow hair transplant in Pakistan at Cosmoderma clinic. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is a founder of hair restoration clinic in Lahore and performed thousands of eyebrow transplant surgeries than any other surgeon in Pakistan.

Eyebrow hair restoration surgery cost in Pakistan

Eyebrow surgery cost in Pakistan is charged 45000 to 75000 Rupees. However price may go up by follicular unit extraction technique, surgeon skill and experience, persistently excellent results by the clinic.

Eyebrow hair transplant surgery side effects

Side effects may include bleeding, infection, swelling and scarring. These are rare side effects and temporary in nature. No need to worry as Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performed more than 15000 cases.

Eyebrow transplant recovery

Eyebrow transplant recovery takes 24-48 hours as procedure performs in local anesthesia. However 5-7 days extreme care is taken after procedure so that newly transplanted follicles would not come out from recipient area.  After few days crust and scabs formed and these fall easily 10-12 days later. There might be some swelling and it can be prevented by medication.

Eyebrow transplant results

Eyebrow transplant results will be visible 6 to 9 months after procedure. However some patients are early grower and some are late growers. To see maximum results it will take almost one year.

Eyebrow transplant Photos

Eyebrow transplant photos will give us naturalness of results, artistic work of surgeon, angle and orientation of hair shaft, density and natural curvature of shaft. Success rate of eyebrow hair transplant is more than 97% and one should not worry about its results. However it is important to choose best hair restoration surgeon for eyebrow  transplant in Lahore Pakistan. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is a Board Certified surgeon and he is a French Board of hair restoration surgery.