Frequently Asked Questions
1-Q: what is major cause of hair loss?

Hair loss has many causes but important cause of hair loss is due to androgenetic alopecia b- genetic predisposition c- age

2-Q: Is there any medicine to control hair fall?

There are many hair loss products in the market but FDA approved only two medicines a- Minoxidil b- Finasteride or propecia. These two medicines has definite role in prevention of hair loss. Their effectiveness is limited and temporary, only hair transplantation and hair restoration is permanent solution for hair loss or baldness.

3-Q: what are side effects of hair transplant surgery?

Pakistan hair transplantation is performing hair restoration surgeries for the last 13 years and there are no serious side effects. Transplantation is just like other surgeries, there is risk of infection which is covered by antibiotic to control any sort of infection.

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4-Q: What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a procedure where your own hairs are taken from back and sides of the scalp and implanted on the bald or recipient area.

5-Q: How much time hair restoration surgery procedure takes?

Hair transplantation in Pakistan is performed in 4-5 hours and you can go back to home and resume normal activities after 2-3 days later.

6-Q: Is it painful procedure?

Hair transplant surgery is not painful and you will have slight discomfort at the time of local anaesthesia (process to numb the skin).

7-Q: What is cost of hair transplant surgery in Pakistan?

Cost of hair transplant surgery is 60 rupee per grafts with strip hair transplant method.

8-Q: What is FUE hair transplantation?

It is a latest innovation in hair transplant surgery and minimal invasive procedure. There is no incision, no stitching and no scar formation on the donor area.

9-Q: How much graft I can get in one procedure by FUE method?

Our hair transplant surgeon transplant 2000-2500 grafts per day by FUE hair restoration method.

10-Q: What is cost for FUE procedure in Lahore?

The cost for FUE hair transplant in Lahore is 120 rupee/graft.

11-Q: What is procedure of appointment?

You can get hair restoration consultation appointment by telephone or by submitting online Form Appointment Form