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Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performed female hair transplant in Lahore-Pakistan at his Cosmoderma clinic on 31 Aug 2015 . There are various indications for hair restoration in female patients. We can perform it on young patients as well as older patients. Young female patients may undergo for hair transplant in Pakistan due to wide or broad forehead. This may be due to ponytail hair style or by birth. There are some other reasons as well like accident, traumatic scar, surgicla scar or acid burning. Whatever hair loss or thinning of hair cause might be , Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry can restore your scalp hair back to normal. Below pictures are taken before front hairline design, during hair transplant in Lahore , post op day 1 so that healing process can be seen. Then after 15th Post op day. The best procedure for female patient is FUT or follicular unit extraction where small strip is removed from back and individual grafts harvested from it. These small follicular units are then places in the recipient area. The procedure take 4-5 hours and Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry always considered hair angles, orientation and curvature of shaft in mind while creating frontal hairline in female patients. 

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Female hair transplant in Pakistan by Dr.Ahmad 

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