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What is Photo Rejuvenation?

Intense pulse light is used in the process of photo rejuvenation for different cosmetic skin problems to improve or lessen wrinkles, aging spots, open pores, skin texture, tone, Sun damage, melasma, skin whitening and glowing, blemishes, rosacea and spider veins. Light stimulate production of collagen under the epidermis and tighten skin. Similarly this light breaks melanin to treat Sun damage skin and attracted by blood vessels to remove unwanted facial veins.Our skin clinic in Lahore is full of latest technologies approved by FDA.

The best part is no down time! You can return to work or your scheduled activity immediately after having a treatment.

What is Photo Rejuvenation?

Men and women of all ages with mild to moderate wrinkles are a candidate for Photo Rejuvenation. Patients with irregular skin tone, large pores, sun damage, facial veins and sunspots are pleased with the procedure to improve skin tone, tightening and quality. Photo Rejuvenation will tighten the skin, lessen the lines and wrinkles and reduce redness and vessels on the face and neck. Some patients have noticed an improvement with acne breakouts as well.

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Sun Damage

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Spider Veins

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Solar Lentigo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we treat whole body or any specific area?

Photo rejuvenation through IPL can treat any area of body except eyes. FDA approved IPL can give immediately softening of skin by touching after the procedure.

How much painful photo facial?

There is a mild "snapping" sensation during this procedure. No pain and discomfort involved in this treatment. There is no risk in it. The light emitted by the IPL break pigments decrease severity of skin problem.

Expectation after treatment?

Pigmented lesions like melasma, Sun damage, freckles, PIH and blemishes initially after treatment and slowly fade away or decrease in intensity after 10-14 days.

Similarly blood vessels immediately become gray or blanching after treatment.

There is slight hot sensation at time of treatment and within an hour skin become normal. If someone touches skin after treatment, one may feel soft and gentle texture of skin.

Is IPL photo rejuvenation different from Laser treatments?

Intense pulse light system is more quicker than lasers. Photo rejuvenation is a new technology and different filters or technologies can be used according to skin type and lesion. There is a less downtime as compared to laser treatments.

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Now we can get our skin clear from photo damage, aging process, skin surface irregularities through photo rejuvenation in Lahore Pakistan at Cosmoderma Clinic by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry .

Skin problems can be treated with Photo Rejuvenation at Cosmoderma Clinic Lahore are:

Pigmented Lesions (sunspots or age spots) - Melasma , solar lentigines, freckles, chloasma, hyper pigmentation, PIH, Sun damage and aging spots are easily treated with IPL photo rejuvenation in Lahore Pakistan by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry.
Vascular Lesions - Spider veins , rosacea , red or sensitive skin conditions are easily treatable with IPL rejuvenation technology.
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Harmony™ Treatment: AFT 540 VP Module after 2 Tx. 16-17 J/cm2 at 10 msec.

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