Mr. N  26 years  age- Fue hair transplant -Front and mid scalp area

F.U.E. Procedure was started at 9:30 AM and finished 3:30 PM

Total number of grafts = 2246

All extraction was done by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry and grafts were placed by his experienced team. See before and after photo results after one year. 

Young Patient Hair Transplantation Guideline

Male pattern baldness is becoming quite common amongst all groups of people. But it has become a common problem amongst youngsters and they start looks like older compared to their age fellows, as a result they become quite conscious about their look. Sometimes they start to lose their confidence. So they go for hair transplant surgery to look young and smart in order to enhance their confidence and to save themselves by calling uncle at that younger age.

When a male at younger age starts to lose his hair, there will be a great chance that he will become extensive baldness pattern in future. Commonly, with excessive hair loss there will be no sufficient donor hair on the scalp to transplant the whole bald area. In the long term, their appearance will become worse with this baldness at early age.

Some surgeons have minimum age policy that they won't operate under 25 age group patients. Now with the advancement in hair transplantation to a microsurgical method now the surgeons can confidently treat this age group.

The young patient is considered under 25 years old. There are numerous advantages with these young patients. They are highly enthused and are highly healthy due to lack of medications. However,  some guidelines should be kept in mind for these youngsters.


  1. The hairline should be placed higher than where the patient wants. Hairlines should not be less than 7 cm above the eye brows. It should be at least 8 cm. As hairline will be higher it will conserve more donor hair. Donor hair are those hair that will be extracted from the side and back of the scalp to transplant the hair on the frontal line. It may save hundreds of hairs that may be required in later years, another surgery will be needed in life so enough amount of hair should be conserve in donor area. If  area of scalp to be transplanted will be reduced by placing hairline at 7-8 cm from eyebrow, from same number of donor grafts, high volume and density can be achieved.
  2.  A higher hairline gives a much more natural look as the patient ages it would look much appropriate. On the other hand also, it is possible to lower the hairline in future but it is impossible to raise lower hairline, once the surgery is performed.


3-The transplantation should be done at the front area at the start. This is because it is much easier to start from the front and move back as the hair start declining.

 4-If transplantation of hair is done at the crown/vertex in the start so it would become much difficult to use donor hair for surgery later in life and hair would become minimal.

 5-The surgeon must conduct proper tests of the patient in order to develop a clear idea regarding future hair loss. This would be quite helpful in the future and the donor hair should be saved accordingly.

 6- The surgeon must select such a donor area that is safe  so it can be used in later years as well for a similar procedure.  It is much easier to get a surgery at an early age using safe donor area and use the rest later in case of further issues. 

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