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Fue hair transplant results in Pakistan by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry can be compared to any best hair restoration clinic or surgeon in the world. Dr.Ahmad got his MBBS from prestigious King Edward Medical University. Then he got specialization in the field of Laser surgery and also French Board of hair restoration surgery from Paris France. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performed follicular unit extraction procedure at his clinic in Pakistan.Below before and after Fue hair transplant results.

Hair Transplant before and after 2500 Grafts

Fue hair transplant before and after results will help you to select doctor and clinic for your treatment. It will also help you to know area coverage by 2500 grafts. Suppose if someone wants thick frontal hairline then definitely Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is best hair restoration surgeon in Pakistan.

1 Graft equals how many hairs

Grafts in the donor area exist in natural groupings of 1, 2, 3 and 4 hairs. These are estimated hair in grafts

1000 grafts = 2500 hairs

2000 graft = 4000-4500 hairs

2500 grafts = 5000-5000 hairs

30000 grafts = 5500-6000 hairs.

Normally we can multiply number of grafts with 2-2.5 hair. It will give us clear idea about number of hairs in grafts.

2500 Fue grafts hair transplant cost in Pakistan

Fue 2500 grafts hair transplant cost in Pakistan is 150,000 to 175,000 Rupee. However there are some clinics which lower their prices and cost to attract new customers. One should thoroughly search about testimonials, reviews and results on line to know skill and authority of such clinics and doctors. There are many other factors to choose best hair restoration clinic in Pakistan like qualification and training of doctor. How many procedures doctor or surgeon have performed. An experienced and skilled doctor will definitely will give you best results and charge you an extra. It is advised to select an experienced and result oriented doctor and we should not consider price saving as important factor. 

How much area do 2500 grafts cover?

Hair transplant cost is directly related to number of grafts. As number of grafts will be increased to cover baldness area, more amounts would be added to total procedure cost. Therefore to know about 2000 grafts area coverage is very much important. These 2500 grafts can cover frontal male pattern baldness or crown area.  Mostly crown area can accommodate 3000 grafts as well as this area can consume more number of grafts due to whorl or spiral like pattern.  Mostly patients visit Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry for Crown or vertex area Fue hair transplant due to his exceptionally excellent results at his clinic in Pakistan. 

2500 grafts hair transplant in Pakistan results

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