Mr. J came to our hair transplant clinic in Lahore for follicular unit extraction procedure. He was 36 years old young guy and started hair loss ten year earlier. He tried various hair loss treatments, products, oils and home remedies but nothing worked and gradually lost his hair from front , mid scalp and crown area. He visited different hair restoration clinics in Lahore and has good knowledge of whole procedure. He asked during his initial consultation various questions :-

  1. How to design and construct front hairline ?
  2. what needle size will you use for follicles extraction?
  3. How many grafts or follicles units required for front and crown area
  4. what will be follicles or hair density in the recipient area?
  5. How much does Fue hair transplant cost at Cosmoderma clinic in Lahore?
  6. What is qualification of doctor Ahmad Chaudhry?
  7. How many years experience of Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry in the field of hair restoration surgery?
  8. How can he make sure number of grafts placed or implanted
  9. What are side effects of FUT and FUE hair transplant procedure
  10. Is there any possibility to meet previously operated patient physically?

There was a long list and Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry answered each and every question in detail and after his satisfaction, he underwent Fue procedure on 28th Dec 2015. Baldness was badly affecting his marketing job as well as psychological problems. Getting hair loss or baldness treatment through surgical method is a crucial decision. Take your time and do your proper search on internet and visit one or two clinics for all basic information. Before undergoing surgical procedure, try medicine as sometimes medicines like Minoxidil , finestride , hair serums and PRP might help you. Always try to find best surgeon and distance should be considered even you have to travel .You will be lucky if you can find cheaper Fue hair transplant without compromising quality of work. 

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