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  Cosmoderma Hair transplant Clinic Lahore-Pakistan -      Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry

Patient Mr. T.A came to our Cosmoderma clinic for Fue hair transplant in Lahore-Pakistan to treat his hair loss or baldness . He has male pattern baldness and classified as Norwood class 6. As he has mature baldness pattern and it is only possible to treat through hair restoration method. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry suggested Fue hair transplant technique so that there would be less pain and no linear scar in the donor area. Moreover patients was afraid of scalpel and strip procedure due to numbness and pain after the procedure. Donor area was enough to extract more grafts for recipient area coverage. Two days Fue hair transplant was planned at Cosmerma clinic in Lahore by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry. 

All follicles or grafts were extracted by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry himself in two days. All recipients sites slits or punctures were also carried out by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry. Grafts insertion or placing were performed by his team under his supervision.

 FUE - 5170 Grafts Photos- 2 days Procedure at Fue hair transplant clinic Lahore -Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry

Patient's age  = 37

Male pattern baldnss = Norwood class 6

Procedure date : 17th -18th Feb 2016

Fue Grafts breakdown

Single hair  follicles  = 1292

Double hair follicles =2601

Triple hair follicles   = 1277

Total Graft or follicles =5170

Total hair  = 10325

 5170 Fue grafts Cosmoderma clinic Lahore Pakistan

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry -hair transplant surgeon- with patient