2626 FUE Grafts by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry ,Cosmoderma clinic in Pakistan

Mr. Ash came to Cosmoderma clinic Lahore-Pakistan  from Manchester UK for Fue hair transplant procedure. Patient has NW class 111 male hair loss pattern and want to restore his hair through follicular unit extraction procedure. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry consulted the patient and recommended 2500 grafts for front hairline as well as frontal area. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry extracted 2626 grafts himself, without any technician or nurse. Mr.Ash procedure was performed on 11th Jan 2016 We are putting here his before , during and post op day 1 photos. For complete results , it will take almost 9-11 months. However purpose of these photos to see quality during and after procedure at any international standard.

Treatment before Procedure : None

Family History of baldness : Yes

Already his brother had Fue hair transplant from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry in the year 2015

Treatment after Fue procedure :- None


Total Number of Follicular units  : 2626

1 Hair =637

11 Hairs = 2692

111 Hairs = 1929

Total Hairs = 5258

Total Grafts = 2626

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2626 Fue grafts-hair transplant Pakistan

Fue hair transplant Manchester UK patient