FUE Hair Transplant Recovery Time

When you have decided to undergo Fue hair transplant at Cosmoderma clinic in Pakistan then many patients asked to our hair restoration surgeon, what is Fue hair transplant recovery time? The basic logic to ask this question, patient can manage leaves or off from their work. Follicular unit extraction procedure takes 24-72 hours for recovery. As healing is quick due to incision and stitches free procedure and one may resume his/her activity on third post op day. Extracting hair follicles from the bald resistant area (also called donor area) and planting them back in the bald area of head with the help of sharp pointed instruments is called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). This transplant procedure is known and practiced world-wide and millions of people are getting their hairs restored with FUE. Any surgery whether it’s done on any part of body takes some time to be healed, so takes the FUE procedure. If we talk about FUE hair transplant recovery time , we can better defined in phases. A patient who undergoes FUE recovers in different phases one after the other.

First week changes after hair transplant procedure

Phase One As an immediate reaction of the Hair Transplant the patient suffers from mild swelling, redness, pain and discomfort at the donor and recipient area. This is quite natural and expected as every surgery leaves behind its after effects. This often leads to anxiety and anger as the patients want to get rid of this all in no time, but this phase one is to be passed with patience. Phase one is likely to end in two or three days. After the first few days of surgery swelling, pain and redness will be finished. Patient will feel much at comfort and relaxation.

Second Week Fue hair transplant - Transplanted Hair shedding phase

Phase Two After first ten days a patients enters phase two. In this phase there will be a pleasure of seeing newly grown small hairs on the scalp. Though these hairs will be rough and thin but it’s a feeling of relaxation for the patient seeing new hairs on the bald scalp. In the phase two swelling, pain and redness will be completely gone. The new grown hairs will shed off within days to be replaced by new hairs. Some patients get worried seeing this but this is a part of the hair restoration cycle.

Phase Three Phase three is usually bit longer than the previous two phases. In this phase a patient see not much happening and needs to wait patiently for the new hairs. By this time small scabs on the donor and recipient area will be formed of the dead skin ready to fall off the scalp. These scabs will be seen on the punches which were made in result of hair extraction and plantation. While these scabs will get dried and shed off the scalp patient will feel the skin tighter, relaxed and pink in color.

Phase Four Phase four is more linked to a feeling of relaxation and comfort. This starts at about three months after the transplant and hair regrowth finally starts. New hairs will start to grow out of the bald area and these are permanent naturally growing hairs. There won’t be any pain, swelling or discomfort. Now the restored hairs will continue growing by the rate of ¼ inch every month. After the passage of six months scalp will be fully covered with hairs. Shinier, thick and healthy hairs will reach the size of approximately three inches after nine months. Due to quick healing Fue hair transplant recovery time is 72 hours and one may easily resume daily activities. 

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