Fue hair transplant results Pakistan 3000 grafts

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  Fue hair transplant results 3000 grafts in Pakistan

  Fue hair transplant results -3000 grafts performed by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry in Lahore-Pakistan will give you clear idea about frontal   hairline density, naturalness and baldness area covered.Whether it is possible to extract 3000 grafts by Fue technique in single session? The answer is yes as  Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is an  expert and experienced hair restoration surgeon and can extract more than 3000 grafts in single day session. These 3000 fue  grafts can cover frontal zones called zone 1, 2, 3 and 4. It is common and routine matter for us to perform mega sessions of fue technique. The whole procedure took 6 hours. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry extracts all follicles himself by follicular unit extraction method and for 3000 grafts it took 2.5 hours. Our experienced hair restoration team placed three thousand grafts in 3.5 hours so total 6 hours duration.

 3000 grafts fue hair transplant results in Pakistan

3000 grafts hair transplant cost in Pakistan

How much does per graft hair transplant cost in Pakistan? How much does 3000 fue grafts cost in Pakistan? After seeing before and after fue hair transplant results for 3000 grafts, next come in mind these two basic questions.  Cosmoderma clinic hair restoration prices are based on number of grafts. We charge 1.00$ or 100 Rupee per graft. However we have special discounts for those patients who need more number of grafts. Normally we offer 10-20% discount for 3000 grafts to make procedure affordable and economical.

3000 grafts how many hairs?

Whether 3000 grafts contain 3000 hairs or more, definitely 3000 grafts will contain 5000-6000 hairs depending upon number of hair in follicle unit. There are different grouping pattern in donor area. Almost 20% grafts contain single hair, 50% grafts contain 2 hair and 20-30% grafts have 3 to 4 hair.

Best Fue hair transplant clinic in Pakistan

Best fue hair transplant clinic in Pakistan is recommended on the basis of results, naturalness, dense frontal packing, more number of grafts extraction and placement, persistently excellent and impressive baldness coverage. There are other factors as well like qualification, experience of hair restoration surgeon, reviews, video and testimonials and participation in the international conferences to update knowledge. Cosmoderma is a best hair transplant clinic in Pakistan yielding excellent results for the last seventeen years and our surgeon has skill to extract 3000-5000 grafts through Fue technique in single session. 

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