FUE Versus FUT hair transplant results which one better?

FUT and FUE both are the best techniques for hair transplant and people are getting benefits from them. Both are using worldwide by the people. If we discuss about the results then both these techniques will give better results if these will use according to the hair pattern or the scalp of the patient. FUE is preferred and shows equally good  results as compare to FUT. When you take decision to go for surgical treatment then it is important for you to know about both techniques properly and completely. Therefore, you can understand it properly and able to take best decision.

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FUE technique :

In this technique, the surgeon extracts the hair from the back of the head or donor area then fix it on the bald area or recipient area. Mostly, surgeons recommend patients to go for FUE because it is more effective and give positive results. It is also very quick and easy way. It is completely painless process. It is best for male pattern baldness and its cost depend on the number of grafts that are used to implant on recipient area.

FUT technique:

In this process, the strip of hair is first removed and then harvested. It is very effective for all type of hair loss pattern. It is long and painful method as compare the other. It also leaves  scar on the head that takes a quality time to heal. You will need experience and creative surgeon for it. Normally, surgeon prefers women to select this technique for hair restoration as no need for donor area to be shaved.

Differences between both techniques:

There are three differences between both techniques that are as follow .

  • Follicle unit extraction method is more suitable for people having tight scalp whereas follicles units also go with non-scalp.
  • FUT leave scar on the head whereas FUE leave no scars.
  • Follicles unit extraction is less painful .
  • Follicles unit extraction is used to grow hair on eyebrows, chest and head and the other method can only be used to remove donor area of the head for baldness treatment.
  • To go for follicle unit transplant -FUT method you should have less tight scalp.



At the end it is concluded that both follicle unit extraction F.UE. or FUT  technique are equally good and effective.  However Fue is a painless process and leave no scar whereas the other one is little painful and leave a mark on head that look awkward and take time to heal. Therefore, it is best for you to go for it. You should consult with Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry for unbiased and honest opinion  then take any final decision. You will definitely get 98 percent positive results, if you go with this method. The main point to consider is to select creative surgeon for it because 80% of the result depend on the quality and expertise of the surgeon.