Gallery - Before & After
After Surgery
Before Surgery
After Surgery
Before Surgery
After Surgery
Before Surgery
After Surgery
Before Surgery
After Surgery
Before Surgery
1700 Grafts
After Surgery
After Surgery - 2700 Grafts
Before Surgery
After 9 Months
Day 8 After Surgery
After 14 months from surgery Mega session
During Surgery
Closer View After Growth
After One Year
Before Surgery
After 8 Months
Lt. Side View
Before Surgery
Results After Surgery
2nd Day of Surgery Rt. Side View
Frontal View
Dr. Ahmed Chaudhry with Fellow Doctors
Dr. Ahmed Chaudhry And Patient
Dr. M. Ahmed Chaudhry With Colleagues
Art of Frontal Hair Line
After 1 year result.Surgery was performed by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry at his hair transplant clinic Lahore
Close up view after one year.Surgeon Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry(Hair Transplant Clinic Lahore)
Frontal left side before surgery at Lahore hair transplant Clinic
Result after hair restoration surgery
Before surgery
Hair Transplantation Pakistan Before
Hair Transplants before surgery in Pakistan
Hair Transplantation in Pakistan Photo
Hairtransplant Lahore
Hair Transplant Pakistan Clinic has amazing results
Hair Transplantation is low cost in Pakistan
Hair Loss,Bldness no more social problem!
Hair Care is our pride and passion
Before hair transplant surgery photo
After 10 months from transplantation
Top view before hair restoration
Almost ten months after hair transplantation in Pakistan
Hair Transplant Pakistan Photos
Hair Transplant before and after photos Pakistan
Hair Transplantation photos result in Pakistan
Hair Restoration Pakistan photos
Hair Transplant result-1
Hair Transplant Result-2
Hairt Transplant Result-3
Hair Transplant Result-4
Hair Transplants result-4
Hair Transplants result-3
Hair Transplant before-2
Hair Transplants before-1
Hair Transplant Result-4
Hair Transplant Result-3
Hair Transplant before 2
Hair Transplant Before-1
Hair Transplant Lahore 1
Hair Transplant in Lahore 2
Hair Transplant Lahore 3
Hair Transplant in Lahore 4
Hair transplantation result
Hair Transplant Result
NW-6 baldness before
Before hair transplant in Lahore
Hair Transplant Abu dhabi Patient 4
Abu Dhabi patients result
Fue transplant-Abu Dhabi patient
Hair loss treatment -Abu dhabi
Fue transplant-Spain Madrid patient
Hair loss surgery-patient from Spain
Hair restoration-Spain Madrid patient
4- After
Fue 2500 grafts result
2500 Fue Grafts
Before follicular unit Extraction
Frontal view befor fue hair transplant
Fue result after 9 months
Frontal Hair line designing and Marking
Before Follicular Unit Extraction
9 month after procedure
Right View
One session cover frontal half
20th June 2012 Before procedure
5 yeas later
19th March 13 - 5 years after
5 years earlier 2008
Frontal area before pic in 2008
After 9 months 2000 follicles frontal area
Fue result after 9 months
NW Class 3 hair loss
Frontal area baldness
5000 Fue grafts results
Fue in Pakistan result by Dr.Ahmad
Zone 1,2,3 & 4 before
Before Fue procedure
Natural hairline
Right sided result and close up
Before hair restoration 04 Aug 2011
Hair transplant on 04 Aug 2011- 3000 Grafts planned