Graft calculator is an excellent and useful tool to calculate number of hair grafts required for a hair transplant. Before undergoing a hair transplant surgery this is important to understand and calculate the extent of hair loss that the bald area can be covered with exactly how many hair grafts. This will not only calculate the required number of grafts but also helps to evaluate the cost for the surgery. For example if you required 1000 grafts/follicles and one follicle will cost you $1.00 , it would be easier for you to undertsand hair transplant cost in Pakistan at Cosmoderma clinic would be $1000. 

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Every person has different baldness pattern thus one cannot calculate the required hair grafts from someone else’s head. A graft calculator can play an effective role in that. While one visit a surgeon for consultation, the surgeon will examine their head and calculate the number of hair grafts that can cover the bald area but it is better to guard your own self then being misinformed by anyone else. Though one cannot know the exact number through graft calculator but it can give a better rough idea by which you can calculate the amount you need to spend on your hair transplant surgery. Different surgeons have different charges so a graft calculator can also help one to estimate the fee or price of the surgeon they have their eyes on.

The graft calculator will not tell you the exact number of hair grafts required for your hair transplant but it can lay before you the closest number and the information will be of so much benefit. But this is also very important to mention here that the calculation and evaluation done by graft calculator cannot replace the need to consult a surgeon. The graft calculator is shaped much similar to a person’s head with different sections marked on it. One can match their bald area of scalp to that marked on the scale to calculate that how many hair grafts they need.

The graft calculator helps so much in getting an idea of the hair grafts to be planted and cost it may require. Before visiting the hair transplant surgeon checking the graft calculator will help you make a plan in your mind that you may have to spend for your hair loss treatment. If you are not sure about how to calculate number of grafts then you can send us your bald area close up pictures from different angles, our counselor or advisor will contact with you and help you in this regard.

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