Hair Loss Treatment for men-Women in Pakistan

How to Regrow hair or hair treatment in Pakistan

Male and female pattern hair loss or baldness is successfully treated in Lahore -Pakistan by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry. How to regrow hair and what are causes of hair fall. Male pattern hair loss is due to male hormone testosterone and female hair fall causes varies , starting from iron deficiency, hormonal imbalance to ovarian or pregnancy related diseases. Hair fall treatment in Pakistan is available and it is important to know reason of hair fall. At our hair loss clinic in Lahore , we first sort out hair fall cause and then our specialist will suggest you how to regrow your lost hair. There is a cycle which is followed, pertaining to the growth of hair. The first phase is called anagen or the growing phase, catagen or the transition phase and the last telogen, also called the resting or the suspension phase. Hair is in a constant cycle of growth, rest and regeneration. Therefore, it is a natural tendency to lose some hair each day. Based on a factual data there are approximately five million hair follicles on the human body. Out of which 100,000 to 150,000 are on the scalp which is prone to hair Loss. Hair fall from upper part of our scalp due to their tendency to easily attacked by DHT hormone while hairs on the back and sides of scalp are permanent and did not have tendency to fall genetically.

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Hair Loss Causes, Prevention and Remedy

Hair Loss Types

In an average human, 15 percent of the hair strands are in the telogen phase. So, falling of 100-150 strands of hair each day is a normal phenomenon and the body is capable of recovering from that loss. But if this threshold limit is crossed, it is a matter of concern which needs immediate attention. This is an indication of a disorder named alopecia areata. In this, the hair follicle gets out of the anagen phase before time, non-preemptively which ceases its growth and takes into the resting stage. The prominent characteristic of this disease is the appearance of bald patches on the scalp which tend to get wider with time.Traction alopecia is a kind of disorder that leads to hair loss when too much strain is given to the hair. Tight head bands, hair styles in which the hair strands are pulled, exerting too much pressure on the scalp. This kind of damage can also occur due to the application of harmful chemicals on hair, like, hair dye, hair colors, sprays etc.According to the dermatologists, physical trauma and some skin diseases and infections cause scarring alopecia is the condition in which the underlying scalp gets damaged which causes scarring and the hair follicles' ability to regenerate gets destroyed. This leads to hair loss which is irreversible. The other type of damage is non-scarring hair loss which is more common and can potentially be reversed. The causes can be aging, drastic dieting, heredity factors, prolonged ailments, drugs etc.

Hair Transplantation

To overcome the hair fall and regain the aplomb and self pride, people who have suffered this loss go for hair loss treatments from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry at Cosmoderma clinic Lahore . Depending on the severity, the available options are change in the techniques of grooming, fake hair pieces or wigs, medications and drugs or hair transplant surgery.A procedure in which the surgeon extracts the strands of hair which has a rich growth and implants them on the area where hair fall is occurring or hair are getting thinner. An alternate variation to this technique is follicular transplant, in which the units known as follicles are transplated to the region of sparse hair growth from the denser one. Change in approach and grooming styles

  • Pain free procedure if performed by Experienced surgeon

  • 2000-3000 strip grafts are transplanted routinely.

  • FUE procedure is a latest procedure and our clinic transplant 2000-2500 fue follicles in single session

  • It is a permanent solution for baldness and hair loss

  • FUE as well as strip both techniques produce excellent result

  • FUE procedure more costly due to high level of skill and surgeon expertise

Treatment Options

Medical hair restoration with Finasteride or Propecia: It is taken on a dialy basis, in the form of pills. It prohibits the enzyme activity that stops the hair growth by simulating testosterone levels. It is not prescribed in case of female patients. Minoxidil: Also known as Rogain. This is a form of lotion which is rubbed on the scalp directly and enlarges the hair and increases their anagen or growing period. If the medication course is not complete, it is not going to show any results. Most effective at the top and back area of the scalp. An important thing to note is that the best preventive measures to avoid hair loss can be taken at home. These are proven to be the best hair loss treatments. You can get online appointment for consultation at our hair transplant clinic in Pakistan (Lahore).

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