Surgical Hair Replacement in Pakistan

Surgical hair replacement in Pakistan by hair loss expert is performed under extreme care so that results reflect natural pattern and density.Hair today, gone tomorrow. Unfortunate but true. Most of us, at some stage or the other in life, suffer hair fall. Hair is our body's asset which has to be taken care of. But despite of all the measures we take to ensure to maintain strong and healthy hair, there are some factors which are not in our hands and we cannot help hair fall. Blame it on the diet, the lifestyle of individuals, the genetic constitution, heredity, pollution, imbalance in the hormones, aging, exposure to radiations, some prolonged illness and the side effects of the medicines. In extreme cases, it can even lead to baldness. There is no certainty of the cause that lead to hair fall. However, the reasons and the patterns are different for men and women. But this is one reason, people can tend to lose their confidence in themselves and shy away in presenting themselves publicly. There are some ways to overcome this inferiority complex and re-gain your lost self pride, a popular one among them being surgical hair replacement. Hair transplant procedure is becoming popular with the increasing number of successful cases and satisfied people.

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Hair transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery is an option for the people who suffer from extensive hair fall. The technique involves taking the patch of the skin with vigorous growth of hair and grafting it to the area with bald patches or where the hair are getting thinner before starting with the surgical hair replacement treatment, there are some important things to be kept in mind. One should not be patient enough and not keep unrealistic expectation getting the instant results. Depending on your hair growth pattern and recovery capabilities, it can even take several months. It has also been observed that the hair that are thick, and light colored give results faster and better as compared to the thin strands which are darker. Next, if one is a smoker then they should be prepared for the complications and risk involved in the surgery. Also, because this is a cosmetic surgery, your organization or health insurance companies are not going to bear the cost. It is completely at your expense, so one should evaluate if they can afford it.

Hair transplant graft

In this two to eight hours long procedure, the patient is administered local anesthesia during the session. Usually 2-3 different sessions are required. From the donor area, hair are trimmed so that they can be easily managed. Followed by this, the doctor an anesthetics the donor area and takes little sections of it and transplant them to the bald area.

Flap surgery

This is used in major cases requiring extensive hair transplant- the smaller grafts do not suffice, larger sections are required to be taken. The patient needs to be given general anesthesia and the patient might need to stay in the hospital for a day. In this, the surgeon uses the tissue expander, targeting the skin beneath the scalp's hairy sections. This helps the donor area in growing more cells. Within two months time, there is enough of extra skin needed to do the transplant.

Scalp reduction technique

It is suitable in treating the bald areas at the top and back of scalp. This does not work on the front. The surgeon administers local anesthesia to the patient, a strip of the bald patch in cut into the shape that resembles U or Y. After this, the incisions are stitched together which causes a tight feeling in the scalp of patients for some time. In all, whenever going for surgical hair replacement, research well on the available doctors and technology and make a wise choice. Our patients are coming from all over the world for hair restoration and surgical hair replacement in Pakistan (Lahore).