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Fixing Hair Transplant Surgery Scars

Follicular unit extraction or Fue procedure is a recent and latest development in hair loss or baldness treatment that do not leave any visible linear scar. However old technique  FUT-Follicular unit transplant or strip hair restoration surgery  leave single linear scar in the donor area. Many people cannot cut their hair style short due to this donor area scar. Many people perform Umra or Hajj and they have to shave or trim their hair while performing their religious duties and strip procedure scar become more visible and prominent. There are different kind of donor area scars depending upon healing tendency, tension in the wound at the time of its closure, competency and skill of surgeon. Many hair loss patients had two or three strip or FUT procedures in the past and their donor area scar would  be  more wider and broader.

How to Repair Donor area scar of previous strip surgery?

There are two methods to fix this problem. First is scar revision where scar tissue is excised or removed . Second is to put more hair in the donor area scar so that it would be camouflaged completely. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is an experienced and well known hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan and performing scar revision as well as adding more hair grafts frequently at his Cosmoderma clinic in Lahore.

Sometimes there are hypertrophic scar in the donor area or keloid formation and such kind of donor area scars are treated with Cortisone or steroid injections, two to three times. We can also use Laser skin resurfacing for thickened scars for flattening or smoothness. There are some donor area scars which are depressed. We can treat such type with dermal filler injections or collagen enhancing laser treatments. 

FUT scar after hair restoration surgery

Intra operative linear scar repair and fixing with Fue grafts by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry

hair transplant donor area scar repair

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