Hair Transplant Training for Doctors -Physicians all over the world 

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry trained doctors from various countries of the world. Every year he taught various hair restoration techniques at his class in Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 France. Doctor Ahmad Chaudhry is a Visiting Associate Professor at Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 France and has sixteen years experience.

 However many doctors from other countries who cannot get admission to this university program approach him personally, for practical or hands on training. There are many international societies conducting workshops and annual conferences but very less opportunity for hands on training to beginners or those who want to change their specialty and start hair restoration as career.  These conferences are good source of learning for those who are already performing hair transplant procedures. For new or young doctors, these conferences and workshops cannot satisfy them. There is no such surgery in the world which some body would learn just by few days observation. Surgery means practical hands on training. As someone will perform with his/her own hands, more experience, learning and confidence which would be beneficial for hair loss patients.

 Just to observe few cases at international conferences or workshops and start of hair transplant at your clinic, only produce bad name to your practice. Therefore keeping in mind need of the hour where young doctors can assist, dissect, make slits, consult, diagnose and offer various hair transplant techniques to patients, Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry opened opportunity for doctors all over the world. To be eligible you must have valid Medical /surgery license and registered medical or surgical practitioner at your country. 

There will be one on one training, means you will be directly supervised by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry and he would teach you various secrets and tips. We accept doctors/physicians from September to March each year.

One week Training Fee = 5000 $

Two weeks Training Fee= 8000 $

One month training Fee =10,000$

     Please send your detailed CV by email and our staff will contact with you. Email:  or