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Cosmoderma laser hair removal clinic in Lahore is providing treatment for unwanted facial and body hair treatment for the last 18 years.
Lasers are getting very famous and the results of the laser treatments are now acclaimed all over the world. Laser technology has come long way in every field of life and in medical field lasers are used in all the departments. Lasers are equally famous with skin treatments. There are no associated apprehensions with the laser treatments now because people are getting aware of the advantages of laser with every passing day.

Lasers are very helpful in the problems related to skin. The problems which were considered that cannot be treated now laser makes them easy to treat and get over with them. Laser are used to make your skin glowing, rejuvenate, diminishing scars, marks and blemishes. There is one more advantage of laser technology is, which is largely taken advantage of, is the laser hair removal. Women largely face this problem in all societies and cultures. They go through painful procedures of waxing and threading in order to get rid of their unwanted hair. These unwanted hairs re-grow after few days and again they have to bear the pain of waxing and threading. It also takes a lot of your time and money. With the increasing fashion of hairless body in the world, now men are also conscious of their body hair and they also adopt the same methods used by women. Waxing and threading can be responsible of happening folliculitis which leaves pigmentation on the skin after it resolves and makes your skin pigmented forever.Common searches:- Laser hair removal in Lahore permanent hair reduction clinic Lahore Laser hair removal in Lahore price.

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Hair Removal Cost and side effects

Lasers make it very easier to get rid of these unwanted hairs. Lasers are very commonly used for this problem in every part of the world. All you need to check with your doctor before taking any session of laser that the laser has to be approved by FDA. Laser treatment must be performed by a specialist or a certified laser surgeon. The untrained doctor cannot provide you good results and the procedure can bring out side effects also. If you choose to have a laser hair removal from a centre which is offering cheap prices for the treatment and have non-approved FDA lasers then you all money and time would nothing more than a waste and you have to bear the harmful side effects also. A certain frequency of intense pulse light is penetrated into the skin which helps in weaken the hair roots and the result is the removal of these unwanted hairs permanently. It is not a painful procedure. A little pricking sensation is witnessed by the patient and it can also be dealt with the usage of topical anesthesia. The hair removal with laser requires 6 to 10 sessions depending upon the density of hair. Few patients need fewer sessions than others. The thick hairs are removed more effectively with laser. However there is a different laser for treating very thin hair. Laser hair removal is not possible in one sitting and with every session you can see the minimizing of hair. There is usually an interval of 20 to 30 days is required between the sessions. It is very successful and result oriented procedure.
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