Hair Transplant in Pakistan- Strip (FUT) Method

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is a Board Certified (French Board of hair restoration surgery) surgeon with 16 years experience and specialist of hair diseases, baldness treatment through FUT as well as FUE hair transplant in Pakistan and abroad. Strip hair transplant or F.U.T procedure is performed under local anesthesia and it takes five to six hours. Scalpel or surgical knife is used to remove narrow strip of 1.2 cm to 1.8 cm in width from the donor area. Length of the strip depends upon area of baldness or number of grafts requirement. This long strip is dissected into tiny pieces under stereo microscopes. These tiny pieces of strip are called slivers and then these slivers are dissected into single ,two or three hair containing follicular unit. These follicles are placed into recipient sites with extreme care and delicacy. hair follicles placement is a team work and successfully carried out with three to four experienced and expert nurses or technicians under the supervision of Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry. It is an important step as natural result, hair density, curvature of the shaft, orientation and angle of exit depends upon this step of surgical procedure. Transplanted hair growth starts three months after the procedure. How to stop hair fall in future? It depends upon post surgical medication and hair care. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performs PRP hair treatment after every hair restoration surgery. This PRP hair loss therapy prevents future hair fall and helps to boost transplanted hair growth. Fue hair transplant in Pakistan

How much does hair transplant cost in Pakistan? It depends upon number of grafts or follicles. However to give you an average hair restoration cost in Pakistan , it ranges 75000 to 125,000 Pak Rupee by strip method. It is a best hair loss solution where bald or hair loss area get permanent growing hair.

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Baldness, hair loss treatment in Pakistan through hair transplantation

Our hair restoration clinic in Pakistan treats all types of baldness and alopecia. The common causes of hair loss in males are severe infection of the scalp, high grade fever, male hormone, chemotherapy and side effects of certain medicines. Hair loss is a common problem among females as well and major causes of female hair loss are iron deficiency, Thyroid hormones, polycystic ovary, birth control pills and after the birth of a child.Dr.Ahmad evaluates each patient individually; most causes do not need hair restoration. Medical hair restoration is initial purpose as most of the hair loss causes are reversible. Our clinic treats male pattern baldness through surgery as the last solution. Hair restoration in Pakistan is the last remedy provided there is enough donor area. Scarring alopecia, hair loss due to accident, trauma, surgical operation and infectious diseases are successfully treated by our clinic in Pakistan. Our clinic has started FUE hair transplant in Pakistan. It is the latest hair replacement procedure and conduct without any incision (cut) and there is no need for stitching. Patient has quick recovery and healing. Our clinic is providing FUE hair transplant in Lahore for the last many years. The procedure is without scar and there is no waiting time between sessions. Mega session of FUE in Pakistan is possible. photo gallery.

Strip Hair Transplant Surgery in Pakistan-FUT

Most of the people choose to have follicular unit transplantation (FUT) surgery in Pakistan as it is old and classic hair restoration technique. FUT-follicular unit transplant has its own pros and cons. One mega session with strip procedure is enough to cover half of the head. FUT gives scar on the donor area though with Tricophytic Closure, donor scar can be minimized. It is more invasive in nature because the stitches are required on the donor area. There are new advances in the field of hair restoration like ultra refined hair transplantation, micro grafting, and body hair transplant. Laser hair treatment as well as plasma rich platelet therapy is offered in Lahore at Cosmoderma clinic. FUT gives good and impressive result, if performed by an experienced surgeon Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry. Our clinic follows international trends and techniques and introduced these latest techniques for hair transplantation in Pakistan. For more information about results, reviews and hair restoration photos Click the photo gallery  Hair Transplant in Pakistan

Different Stages of the procedure