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Placement of hair Line

  Hairline is the most noticed and visible part of a person’s head. In the late 30s average people are likely to have loss from the   frontal hairline and hairs seem less dense. Hairline requirement and placement needs differ from person to person depending on  the size of forehead and the face. Hair loss from frontal hairline can be due to genetic reasons or others but maximum people  are likely to have this after thirty years of age.

A person with receding hairs from the frontal hairline may feel an urge to get the hair restoration from the front and fill in the temples. In the 40s age, the hair loss  may progress making the frontal hairline even less dense. So a person getting hair transplant in 30s may have to get it again in the 40s. it must be noticed by the young patients that their hair loss may progress within years so an early decision for hair transplant needs to revised.

Hair Recession

Frontal hairline restoration in men is very common and opted by a large number of men above forty years of age. Reconstructing a new hairline is surgical as well as artistic skill. The placement is very critical action as it can destroy the whole appearance of a person. Frontal hair line must not only be placed at the exact position but also according to the present age of the person to give a natural look.

The best way to place a hairline is to p measure the distance between eyes and the nose and same distance shall be kept between the eye brows and the headline. This will keep a harmony and balance on the face.

Determining the Height of Headline

The frontal headline height can be determined in several ways.

·        It can be placed approximately seven to eight centimeters or three inches above the eye brows.

·        The hairline can be drawn four fingers above the eye brows.

·        It can also be placed two fingers above the highest eye brow wrinkle.

The lateral hairline shall be placed in line with the outside of the person’s eye called lateral canthus. There is a universal principle for placement of frontal hairline which is the fact that the adult hairline is slightly higher than the adolescent hairline. This is very important to always consult an experienced surgeon for the hair restoration on the frontal hairline as it is easily visible on the first sight. Natural appeal and proper angle of implantation on the frontal hairline is very important for the personality and appearance of the patient. 

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