Hair Transplant Follow Up Step By Step Guide

A hair transplant is a sensitive and delicate surgery which takes time to show its results. Though it does not involves large cuts, stitches and wounds but still it needs to be handled with care and attention to prevent any side effects. We at our hair transplant clinic in Lahore Pakistan provide post op instructions page at the end of procedure to avoid any complication or side effect. 

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Consult a Surgeon

Once you feel like your hairs are getting thin day by day you must consult a specialist. He will ask you few questions about your diet, daily routine, family hair loss pattern  and physical and mental health. After taking the medical tests he will advise you for hair loss treatment or Fue hair transplant. Surgeon will take measurements of the bald area and keep a record. He will estimate the hair follicles to be implanted and also estimate of hair restoration  surgery cost in Pakistan.

Post Surgery Conditions

Ask someone to drive your car as the anesthesia may not allow driving back to home.

Keep the bandage at its place. Though many surgeons do not apply any bandage on the treated area but if your surgeon did, keep it on until he removes.

Do not rub the scalp. A patient  may feel itching on the treated area but it is highly prohibited to touch or rub the recipient area.

Do not drink alcohol for two days after the surgery. It is better to avoid spicy and junk food. Tobacco prevents the blood flow to the scalp, thus smoking shall not be resumed for one month after the hair restoration surgery.

The surgeon will give you a hair spray to put at your scalp. This will boost the growth and make the hair growth cycle speedy and safe.

A person who undergoes hair transplant surgery must not expect thick and long hairs soon after the surgery. This is not a speedy process.  After the surgery a patient will have swelling, redness and pain on the treated area. This may last for 3to 5 days. After the surgery a person must keep the head elevated and should use more than two pillows to keep it comfortable. To cure the pain paracetamol can be taken but other than this self medication shall be avoided.

Transplanted hairs will fall off the recipient area between 3 to 6 weeks, but this is nothing to worry about. They will be replaced by new and fresh hairs. Hairs will grow about 1/4th of an inch in one month. Initially the newly growing hairs are thin and weak but gradually they will turn healthy and thick. Transplanted hair start to grow after three months from your procedure. Click the link If you want to see hair growth chart after your procedure

The surgeon may suggest some food supplements and medicines to boost the hairs growth and keep the body nutrition balanced. It is better not to use chemical products, shampoos, styling and gels on the scalp and keep it chemical free. For washing the hairs use the shampoo which Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry suggests.