PRP hair loss treatment

What is PRP therapy?

Cosmoderma clinic offers Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP hair loss treatment in Lahore. It is a widely used non surgical therapy for treatment of hair loss, hair fall and to increase diameter of fine hair. It is appropriate for both genders and requires proper skills, disposable instruments, is totally natural and a substitute of typical medical procedures used for the treatment of hair loss or hair regrowth. It is an inject-able treatment which uses the person’s own blood.  It is so widely appreciated because it gives a fuller look to hair without affecting the natural look of the hair. As we all know, blood is a complete tissue because it has many cells included in its constitution. It is commonly understood that platelets, one of the components of plasma, have only one function of clotting blood. In reality it plays an important role in healing the wounds. So, in this therapy platelets are increased by 5-10 times the original amount present in the blood of the patient and then injected again inside the body. This helps the growth of hair in natural way and the patient does not undergo any proper surgery. If a person does not like stitches, cuts or surgeries he must go for this natural method for getting hair back again. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is performing PRP treatment in Lahore at his clinic on daily basis. 

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How does this work?

Blood is taken from the body of the individual and then using the centrifugal method, platelets are extracted from it. When the platelets or highly enriched blood cells are extracted form it they are injected in the blood stream at the areas to be treated. Here, these platelets with essential growth proteins which are injected using micro needles work their best and promote the hair growth. Blood plasma (PRP) contains active growth factors which can easily promote hair growth. Serving the patient to restore his confidence, and resulting in fuller, healthier and natural looking head of hair.

No pain and all gain should be the motto of this therapy. Just pain of small micro needles taking blood out of the body and then being injected inside from the scalp. Just this much of pain and as a result fuller natural hair can be achieved in only some week time. It improves the case for about 40-70% in every 4 out of 5 patients. This works best in early hair loss stages however; betterment can be seen in worse cases too. It is also beneficial in healing the injuries after the therapy.


Why PRP therapy?

It is non surgical and simple method of treating hair loss. The procedure only lasts for an hour or so and is done by using some injections, promising a highly satisfactory and amazingly natural result. The recovery is quicker than other procedures like hair transplantation and the result is even better than others. Using this method reduces the risk of attracting allergies or infections by injecting one’s own blood in his scalp. Being autologous, this is a very safe method for regeneration of cell to grow well. The blood used in this process is of quite a small amount and the process is very easy to perform. Moreover, mononuclear cells present in the PRP helps in fighting infection and is thought to enhance the effect of PRP.

This procedure is best for people with thinner hair or people experiencing pattern baldness. It only requires 6-8 sittings, all two weeks apart for best results. Apart from this therapy, the patient may have to take medications like minoxidil and propercia. It can be combined with stem cell therapy or worked alone too, depending upon the patient’s condition of hair loss. PRP contains many different factors that can increase the growth of hair or even stimulate new hair follicles to be produced by motivating the stem cells and other cells in the surrounding areas of the follicle.

Why not PRP?

People with no hair cannot get any benefit from this beneficial method. As this method can only strengthen the hair follicles in the area which is only affected and not where hair follicles have completely lost. It can only make thinner hair thicker but unfortunately cannot make any new. Although cells are taken from one’s own body and there is no chance of rejection or attraction of infections but still proper tests must be done before the therapy can take place.

This therapy should not be done to any person with the past history of heavy smoking, use of alcohol or drugs consumption. Person with different infections, palate dysfunction syndrome, mild or chronic diseases or cancers must avoid this therapy as much as he can. Researchers suggest that it can only slow down the process of hair loss and the stimulation of hair follicles is very slow, near to not happening. Others suggest that when the therapy is stopped the patient can return to the condition he was in before this therapy started. However, very few such cases came up.


Side Effects of PRP hair treatment

This treatment is very safe, simple and legal everywhere in the world. However, a few mild side effects are reported somehow. For example:

Pain in the area- the area where plasma is injected can be reported to pain for some time. This pain however will be mild and will go in some or no time.

Infection- if the needle used is not properly sterilized then it can cause infection, therefore, it is essential to undergo from this method by some reputed and experienced clinic.

No improvement- it may happen that even after so many sessions no apparent change can be seen. This can result in wastage of time and money.

Allergy- this is also reported in many cases where the person’s skin is sensitive or it was overexposed to different chemicals before so it may react and allergy may be reported.

These side effects are mild and can go easily with time and medications.


PRP therapy is a new technique to treat hair loss and a lot of new studies are going on in this field. Patients undergone from this therapy are being observed closely to get more idea of its efficiency, effectiveness and/or any side effects. Modifications in the procedure are still needed to overcome all the disadvantages of this therapy. Let’s keep hoping for the best. If you want to get more information or PRP hair loss therapy in Lahore please get an appointment from our staff. 

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