How to Tighten Face Skin

Loose and sagging of skin treatment in Lahore is a common anti-aging procedure. People want to get rid of sagging skin and there are different options for skin tightening at our clinic in Lahore . Radio Frequency like Thermage, Accent XL Dual Mode RF, Fractional Laser treatments, infra red devices to make new collagen and elastin fibers in skin are few of them. Thus you can get face lift by face lifting treatments through non invasive devices. Where these devices do not give result then face surgery is last option.

Radio Frequencies are next generation in medical and aesthetic surgical fields which are non invasive, minimum down time and cost effective. These devices delivered energy to different levels of skin depending upon wrinkles and level loose skin. These skin tightening treatment are available in Lahore at our Laser skin clinic.

RF devices and Fractional lasers have ability to penetrate energy superficially as well as deeply into dermis. These devices treat areas of body like eyebrow to thin and delicate facial skin. These cosmetic treatments are quick to perform and in few minutes whole face of any part of body can be treated.

Engineered for safety, efficacy and ease-of-use, the continuous movement of either handpiece, along with Alma's proprietary IN-Motion™ technology, results in a gradual build-up of heat to achieve the optimal therapeutic effect, while offering a whole new level of patient comfort and satisfaction.

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Skin Tightening with Fractional Laser and RF

Fractional laser and Radio Frequency treats upper as well as lower layers of skin in depth.
Wrinkles of face ,neck and double chin can be treated through these cosmetic devices in Lahore.
These devices penetrate light and energy deeply and enhance collagen fibers for skin tightening.
Skin changes due to aging process like laxity of skin, solar elastosis and eye wrinkles can be treated successfully with ablative as well as non ablative laser devices without any side effects.
How many sessions required for Facial skin Lifting
For tissue remodeling you required 1 to 2 sessions. However number of sessions requirement depend upon degree of loose skin.
The interval between one to second session depends upon laser or Redio Frequency device. It is normally one month to six months.
What is difference between skin Tightening and Face Lift?
Skin face lift is a non invasive procedure while face lift is a surgical method.
ST (Skin Tightening) can be done on any part of skin where laxity is a issue.
The procedure is performed without General Anesthesia and patient is free back to home in half an hour.
ST is a scalpel free procedure and no downtime is required.
Fractional laser and RF treatment is ideal for patients under 50 years of age
Skin Tightening treatment is result oriented on all skin types.
A Global Reputation for Patient Satisfaction
Tens of thousands of patients treated for a broad range of conditions
Extremely high patient satisfaction
Proven results with defined treatment programs
Comfortable treatments allow patients to quickly return to their normal schedules
FDA Status

FDA cleared for the non-invasive treatment of wrinkles and rhytids, April 23, 2007.

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