Tattoo Removal in Lahore (Pakistan)

Tattoo removal laser in Pakistan Lahore, tattoo removal treatment in Lahore with Q switched Nd:Yag Laser. Tattoos are not new in fashion, rather the tattoos were made centuries ago on different parts of the body. There is a kind of a tattoo which is natural or present on the skin since birth, called the birth mark also. These days' people go for permanent tattoos in order to follow fashion and when they want to erase them it becomes very difficult to get rid of them. Sometimes people use different topical medicines to get the tattoos erased but it is of no use because the color of the permanent tattoo is embedded in the upper layers of the skin.

In the removal of tattoos laser plays very important and helpful role. It is not wrong to say that tattoos can only be removed with the laser treatment. The laser treatment is very effect and has no side effect and the procedure is non-invasive. The lasers that are used for removing tattoos are non-ablative. For carrying out the procedure the skin doctor has to be very experienced and certified because he knows what wave length is required for the tattoo and what frequency is needed. To remove a tattoo, a required wave length of laser is penetrated in the upper layers of the skin and it works to break the color pigments into small fragments and they dissolve with natural immune system of the body. The laser beam destroys the pigments of the tattoo and no topical cream works like this.

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How It Work to Remove Tattoo

Tattoo removal in Lahore is not a painful procedure. There are some patients who are very sensitive to pain, for them topical anesthesia can be used to diminish the discomfort or burning sensation caused by the laser treatment. Sometimes there are number of sessions require to remove the tattoo, it depends on the size and depth of the tattoo. Normally the tattoo fades away in 2 to 3 sessions. A patient has to make sure that the laser which is used for the removal of tattoo has to be of good quality and the laser which FDA approves of. There are some doctors who have commercial frame of mind; they are not truthful to their patients and use the lasers which are not recommended. The results of these laser treatments are pathetic and sometimes there are no results found at all. It is only wastage of your precious time and money. These doctors affect your opinion on laser treatments in general.

However, a good and state of the art laser is very much result oriented and successfully treat the problem with guaranteed results. Tattoos can be removed very precisely with the laser and there are no major side effects. There can be a little burning felt after the procedure which fades away after sometime. The use of sun screen is necessary after the treatment to avoid any pigmentation in the skin. Many people have tattoo in their life and now with help of laser devices tattoo removal in Lahore is possible. To get free appointment call us 0333-430-99 99.

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