Vitiligo(Leucoderma) Laser Treatment in Pakistan

Vitiligo Laser Treatment in Pakistan is possible at our laser skin clinic in Lahore . It is also called leucoderma and condition is visible as white patches on skin. These hypopigmented spots can appear anywhere in the body . However leucoderma can appear on lips,face,fingers and other parts of body. Melanocytes are destroyed by auto immune disease process and there is no more melanin production. Melanin gives color to our skin and any part of the body can lose these pigments due to this disease process. There is no specific permanent treatment for vitiligo and its treatment success rate vary.

This cosmetic skin disorder can affect male and female population all over the world. It is more visible in tropical countires where skin colour is tan or brown. Vitiligo is conidered social dilemma in Pakistan and India. This disorder can associate with thyroid ,other auto immune diseases.

Vitiligo is a of form of leukoderma, which is a general term that means white skin. Vitiligo treatment in Lahore Pakistan is offered by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry through latest laser devices. There are different causes and health conditions which destroy melanocytes like burn,trauma,after surgery,stretch marks and acne scars. If you are looking for vitiligo cure in Pakistan then various treatment options are available like UVB, steroids injections or topical application and herbal remedies for vitiligo treatment.When traditional therapies do not work then melanocyte culture, skin grafting, laser surgery and dermopigmentations are available at our clinic.

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Why Harmony™ Laser is a good choice to Treat Vitiligo

Harmony™ laser to treat vitiligo is available in Pakistan.It is the first multi-application phototherapy system to include a UVB source for the treatment of leukoderma, including vitiligo.

Harmony's UVB light source produces short pulses of 295 - 350 nm light, which has been demonstrated to successfully treat leukoderma, including vitiligo.

Like traditional UV phototherapy, competitive broadband UVB light sources require patients to expose both affected and healthy tissue to ultraviolet light. Alma Lasers™ Harmony™ system targets only the affected area, minimizing the risk of injury to surrounding tissue. To know more about vitiligo treatments in Pakistan through laser surgery,melanocyte culture technique call us for Free consultation.

And unlike narrowband 308-nm excimer lasers, Harmony's UVB treatment head output is 40 x 16 mm, making it a much faster treatment. Our skin clinic in Lahore has treated many patients successfully with laser and combination of therapies.